® - Universal Camera Support System

The portable Camera Support System ® offers a wide range of shooting options in photography and filming. It is an ideal solution for the new generation of photo reflex cameras offering the possibility of recording full hd movies (z.B. Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Sony HX 1, Nikon D5000).

Propped up on the delivered belt accessory, ® offers the functions of a classical monopod, plus more room for actions. Once brought to the proper length and propped up the belt joint, the camera will remain at eye level, even if the photographer's position changed.


Doing film recordings, the system can be moved propped up on the belt links ball and socket joint, or it is carried with both hands. Although the lower handle of the ® cannot be positioned in different angles (this is the case with ®), the system offers - especially with cameras with a movable display - the main advantages of the professional camera support system ®:

  • stable camera movement over any axis
  • lens height from ground level up to 2.5 m
  • extraordinary perspectives
  • easy to handle, fast in use
  • even in narrow locations or extreme outdoor surroundings
  • weight of ca. 900 g
  • for cameras up to ca. 2 kg






Notice for photographers:
If you work with heavy lenses, we recommend our camera support system ®.

Please contact us for individual solutions for mounting the camera.

Notice for video prosumers:
Of course, ® is an excellent solution for filming with smaller camcorders.

Technical Details:

  • Upper handle movabel / adjustable in different angles up to 90° to the telescope.
  • Telescope length min. 32 cm
  • Telescope length max. 80 cm
  • lense height min. ground level
  • lense height max. ca. 250 cm
  • weight ca. 900 g
  • load max. 2 kg for 
    MOVIESTICK® Set video
  • load max. 3 kg bei 
    MOVIESTICK® Set foto 
  • load capacity max. 3 kg
  • Belt accessory with ball-and-socket-joint for telescope adaption


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