Tips and Tricks  

To view the Steadystickmovie you require the Flash Player 9. You can easily get this by going to the Macromedia website and downloading the player.




Video recording in maximum height

With the ®, the camera lense can mount up to 250 centimetres. A respectable height which will not be reached by another system. Yet, to get satisfying records in this perspective, some aspects have to be taken into consideration:

  1. Adjust the upper handle as low as possible and fix both handles in an angle you feel comfortable with.
  2. Place the monitor display in the right position for bottom perspective.
  3. Position the system in a way where you use both arms equally and feel physical relaxation.
  4. Don't try too hard to hold the camera stable. Some slight movement will give a static result to your records.

Especially in extreme situation, e.g. standing in crowds (on parties, in concerts, etc.) this function will produce impressing film material.